Functions for manipulating the file system or environment.

HARK.helpers.copy_module(target_path, my_directory_full_path, my_module)

Helper function for copy_module_to_local(). Provides the actual copy functionality, with highly cautious safeguards against copying over important things.

  • target_path (string) – String, file path to target location

  • my_directory_full_path (string) – String, full pathname to this file’s directory

  • my_module (string) – String, name of the module to copy

Return type:



This function contains simple code to copy a submodule to a location on your hard drive, as specified by you. The purpose of this code is to provide users with a simple way to access a copy of code that usually sits deep in the Econ-ARK package structure, for purposes of tinkering and experimenting directly. This is meant to be a simple way to explore HARK code. To interact with the codebase under active development, please refer to the documentation under

To execute, do the following on the Python command line:

from HARK.core import copy_module_to_local copy_module_to_local(“FULL-HARK-MODULE-NAME-HERE”)

For example, if you want SolvingMicroDSOPs you would enter

from HARK.core import copy_module_to_local copy_module_to_local(“HARK.SolvingMicroDSOPs”)